COVID 19 Response

COVID 19 is unlike anything that has happened in our life times. As a public health driven material company, we are working with the Jack Ma Foundation and the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University to share resources and knowledge with the world.

Starting on March 23rd 2020, we will be donating 100,000 pieces of masks per week to hospitals systems in California, New York, and others per request. If you are a hospital or governmental systems in need of donations, please submit a request to


           People first

Oxy2 is ramping up mask production while keeping the focus on human cen-tered design

Impacful technology

Working with prestgious Chinese manufactuerers such as Dasheng, Oxy2 ensures the quality of FDA-approved masks that exceeds CDC’s recommending safety standard

Fast relief

With govermental support and expediated shipping, we aim to provide over 200,000 units per week

COVID 19 Supplies


Oxy2 has partnered with some of the largest manufactuerers in Asia to provide emergency medical supplies to North America.

N95 Oxy 3B

·  Filters at least 95% of airborne particles. Not resistant to oil.

·  Headband design style.

·  Ultrasonic welding technology, glue-free and odorless.

·  Exhalation valve, moisture out, reduces breath resistance.

Medical Oxy D1

·  BFE>=95%, excellent bacteria filtering efficiency.

·  Made of 3 layers of non-woven material and round elastic ear loops.

·  Unique form fitting desing nose clip, adjustable to fit as per the shape of the nose for proper seal and comfort.

·  Ultra-sonic welding, extremely safe and hygienic style

·  Applicable in hospitals, dental, hotels, industries, laboratories, food industries and other environments.

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